Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Internet Business - TOP 3 Placements In Google

I was optimizing my blog and Squidoo page and finally got top 3 results in Google for "my internet business review", here is the proof:

I'm testing now image ads in Craigslist in Jobs section. So far got really a lot of hits and leads, more then from standard text ones. I'm using redirect and photobucket, works like a charm :) If the results will be still that good I think I'm going to add some more image ad campaigns and maybe change exisitng text ones as they don't convert that good. Some people started to copy my Craigslist headlines, ad body and tokens, thats really irritating :/ So that's why all conversion goes down...

Aweber really started to annoy me as they change in my campaign that now everyone have to confirm theirs subscription. Well that's why I changed now to getresponse where I didn't have any problems with it.

I started to anticipate in some social networking sites like Direct Matches and Yuwie. Check my profiles in Direct Matches and Yuwie. I'm promoting there other free system, The SpiderWeb Marketing System because it's free, more people will definitely try it and it's very simple and automated. I'm testing right now how this system will work and if it's going to bring me any good results it will be my second program, for people that don't have budget to start online business. I got really a large amount of mails people asking me if there is any way to join my program for free and that's why I think this kind of systems are perfect for such people.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System offers 22 Free Training videos, setting up Adsense, Adwords accounts, promoting yourself in social sites like Direct Matches, Yuwie, ready made ppc google and yahoo campaign with ready to go ad body, keyword list with bids. With all this data there is always a video that exactly tell you STEP BY STEP where to set up campaign, register, step by step, easy to follow. If anyone don't have a big budget right now to join high ticket program I strongly encourage to check this system:

The SpiderWeb Marketing System, Watch FREE Video >>

Friday, May 9, 2008

My Internet Business - I'm 5 for "Make Money Online"!!!

Yes, that's right!
My video about making money online with blogs is on 5 place for one of the most competetive keyword for online business that is "make money online"!
My video is only 1 week old but alreayd get some views. I found that when you make your video with more value you will get better results. There are also other factors that can improve your listing.

I'm just very happy with this position and just wanted to prove you again that I know stuff about internet marketing, how to be first on google and youtube and how to make maximum exposure to your site. With our team Rainmakers we help each person to achieve such high placements.
Have a good day :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Internet Business More Advertising

I started to buy few banners on some forums, blogs. Also bought some solo ads. David ordered postcards for cash gifting and it will convert very well, time will show :)

Right now we changed our capture page and now everyone goes to where it goes directly to My Internet Business tour page to not confuse other people. What I found is that capture page convert better if its more plain and clean. The best results I get is from capture page where form is on top and with one video and not too much informations. People can get easy overwhelmed all informations on your capture page that are not necessary important. Give some space on your capture page, offer some free trainings, ebooks, software or anything for filling the form. Treat is as a business, every lead can give you profit, you should care about it.

David found great system for multiple work thats CEM Prospector. This site is really amazing, provide similar tools as aweber but with much more data, functions and tools. Also it's much easier to navigate, there are provided ready to go autoresponders for you, scripts, video, audio creators and much more.. We are still exploring all the system but I can honestly say that it beat definitely aweber or getresponse with simplicity and complexity also. I will share more informations about this site soon.

I'm starting now to make some youtube videos optimized for keywords different then My Internet Business as we are in YouTube all over for this keyword :P I tried "Home Based Business Ideas", "Make Money Online Ideas", "Make Money Online Blogs" and got first position in YouTube, in some even first in Google! Really powerful!

I encourage you if you would like to start own blog and you are looking to generate income online and you have no idea about internet marketing, to watch my serie:

"Make Money Online With Blogs Part 1"

"Make Money Online With Blogs Part 2"

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Internet Business New Stuff

My Internet Business have improved PBA (Professional Business Assistants) service. Now it's more clean and from general listing you can see on which level the prospect would like to join, on which step stopped and also status (open, complited sale, committed sale, follow up, no contact, duplicate, already a member, test by member, other, dead). All is expressed by nice little icons so everything is clear and plain. My Internet Business again proved and is proving all the time that they want to be the best business on the internet. Improvement they made in last weeks are really impressive. Although on the beginning there were some problems with merchant accounts now everything is working perfectly smooth.

There are some prospects (unpaid signups - people that stopped in some step on the form) from today. There are all open statuts, PBA wil contact them in 24-48 hours.

PBA will close your sales and when it will happen you will see this pretty icon :)

My Internet Business is also consistently adding new products, software, templates. I 'm now testing this template on site and it seems to convert pretty good.

I installed on my server Adtrackz tracking system where I can make campaigns for each advertising I made. It can be very useful in solo ads where I can now determine what quality of traffic did i get, how many hits, uniq, leads and sales. I can track now absolutely everything. In PPC even conversion of each particural keyword! It's really amazing, you can check it here!

I bought with my partner solo ads on Rent-a-list, also ppc ads on adengage and adbrite. We'll see how it's going to convert. But with such detailed stats it shouldn't be a problem :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Internet Business More Research

Researching first about PPC then ezine solo ads. Got access to DirectoryOfEzines, pretty powerul place. Looking for some good places to send ezines, have already few ezines on my eye... Craigslist is slow today, not much traffic. Got some leads to My Internet Business, some unpaid signusp, call backs.

"REVOLUTION Is Coming..."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Internet Business Research

I did some research about PPC, still looking for good sites, resources, tools etc. Also made some research about solo ezine ads where to buy solo ads. I'm planning to make some new youtube videos about craigslist, maybe about easy ad poster, tokens and some about basics posting rules.

Some more people interested, many unpaid signups. Thats all for now news about My Internet Business.

Check my video "Do You Dare To Live Your Dreams?"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Internet Business Another Day..

Changed finally design of capture page in My Internet Business Club, so will see what conversion is goign to touch. Pretty excited. Started my campaigns in for sale>business in Craigslist, made new fresh accounts and new fresh image links (photobucket) and works really great. 60%+ ads go through, lots of live so it's sticking. Before was getting really massive of good targeted traffic from this section so I think will get now also.

About leads it was slow day today. Couple of new people interested in joining My Internet Business. I think that it's going to explode in really couple of days :) David bought postcards and from friday we should see some great results. Many people really recommended postcards because of very targeted people and willing to spend money if it's worth, and My Internet Business is really a big deal, no doubt!

I was a bit researching stuff, found a good site where you can add your site to over 30 social sites. This script is filling most of forms, have links to register pages, and it's pretty neat.

People started to comment on my propeller page i'm forth for "My Internet Business review" in google so got also 4 votes, if ppl will in that consistence comment I will be pretty much high for a long time, thanks :)

My squidoo still is not showing in google for "My Internet Business review" although got higher ranking #280, hm gotta work on some backlinks maybe. Pretty much for "My Internet Business review" got most of listings on top, for "My Internet Business" it's a bit tougher, I see Tim Rohrer from Rainmakers is first. Congrats! I got some videos for this keyword but not too high. It's pretty competitive keyword.

Me and David are planning to expand to PPC, some ezine solo ads for more targeted traffic. What I'm seeing lately is that I got less traffic form Craigslist even though have more campaigns and most ads stick. One of the problems in Craigslist is that the traffic it delivers is not that targeted like ppc, google, articles etc. You can get really massively hundreds leads a day, but it's not the same as ppc. Most those people don't have much money or anything at all and join under bronze and silver. My other partners from Rainmakers are hitting hard in PPC and get amazing results including many platinums, have to get closer look in this area.

Watched "The Secret" again .. Very emotional and inspiring movie for me.

Didn't watch it yet? Watch this trailer!

I watch it every day for inspiration and motivation. Every time I watch it I feel my vibrating energy resonating with the movie :)