Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Internet Business New Stuff

My Internet Business have improved PBA (Professional Business Assistants) service. Now it's more clean and from general listing you can see on which level the prospect would like to join, on which step stopped and also status (open, complited sale, committed sale, follow up, no contact, duplicate, already a member, test by member, other, dead). All is expressed by nice little icons so everything is clear and plain. My Internet Business again proved and is proving all the time that they want to be the best business on the internet. Improvement they made in last weeks are really impressive. Although on the beginning there were some problems with merchant accounts now everything is working perfectly smooth.

There are some prospects (unpaid signups - people that stopped in some step on the form) from today. There are all open statuts, PBA wil contact them in 24-48 hours.

PBA will close your sales and when it will happen you will see this pretty icon :)

My Internet Business is also consistently adding new products, software, templates. I 'm now testing this template on site and it seems to convert pretty good.

I installed on my server Adtrackz tracking system where I can make campaigns for each advertising I made. It can be very useful in solo ads where I can now determine what quality of traffic did i get, how many hits, uniq, leads and sales. I can track now absolutely everything. In PPC even conversion of each particural keyword! It's really amazing, you can check it here!

I bought with my partner solo ads on Rent-a-list, also ppc ads on adengage and adbrite. We'll see how it's going to convert. But with such detailed stats it shouldn't be a problem :)

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