Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Internet Business Another Day..

Changed finally design of capture page in My Internet Business Club, so will see what conversion is goign to touch. Pretty excited. Started my campaigns in for sale>business in Craigslist, made new fresh accounts and new fresh image links (photobucket) and works really great. 60%+ ads go through, lots of live so it's sticking. Before was getting really massive of good targeted traffic from this section so I think will get now also.

About leads it was slow day today. Couple of new people interested in joining My Internet Business. I think that it's going to explode in really couple of days :) David bought postcards and from friday we should see some great results. Many people really recommended postcards because of very targeted people and willing to spend money if it's worth, and My Internet Business is really a big deal, no doubt!

I was a bit researching stuff, found a good site where you can add your site to over 30 social sites. This script is filling most of forms, have links to register pages, and it's pretty neat.

People started to comment on my propeller page i'm forth for "My Internet Business review" in google so got also 4 votes, if ppl will in that consistence comment I will be pretty much high for a long time, thanks :)

My squidoo still is not showing in google for "My Internet Business review" although got higher ranking #280, hm gotta work on some backlinks maybe. Pretty much for "My Internet Business review" got most of listings on top, for "My Internet Business" it's a bit tougher, I see Tim Rohrer from Rainmakers is first. Congrats! I got some videos for this keyword but not too high. It's pretty competitive keyword.

Me and David are planning to expand to PPC, some ezine solo ads for more targeted traffic. What I'm seeing lately is that I got less traffic form Craigslist even though have more campaigns and most ads stick. One of the problems in Craigslist is that the traffic it delivers is not that targeted like ppc, google, articles etc. You can get really massively hundreds leads a day, but it's not the same as ppc. Most those people don't have much money or anything at all and join under bronze and silver. My other partners from Rainmakers are hitting hard in PPC and get amazing results including many platinums, have to get closer look in this area.

Watched "The Secret" again .. Very emotional and inspiring movie for me.

Didn't watch it yet? Watch this trailer!

I watch it every day for inspiration and motivation. Every time I watch it I feel my vibrating energy resonating with the movie :)

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