Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Internet Business Good Day

Hey, whats up?

Today is a good day :) Yesterday break through the 100 lead a day limit, got 134 yesterday all almost from Craigslist, so it's really good. Added also in my rotator other people from our organization to send few hundreds hits daily to them to keep it going. 44 Leads so far so its going to be over 100 to i hope :)

I'm planning to add some more craigslist campaign for My Internet Business, tried on Jobs Marketing but it seems that it don't woek as good as in Jobs>Sales or Real Estate. I'm also planning to do some for sale>business campaigns using photobucket pictures where I got some time ago sooo many hits. It seems that in for sales>business have to change my craigslist accounts often and also I think photobucket image links, wil have to test it...

Another way of marketing that I touch is videos. I post daily 1,2,3 videos, some training ones, some My Internet Business presentations, some about my team - Rainmakers and some inspirational to make people think or just stop for a while :)

Lately I made some Photoshop CS3 Tutorials about making simple capture page. In about 4 parts overally 40 minute video I shared step by step fow to make capture page like in below picture:

If you are interested in this tutorial check this video, it's first part right now:

Also I started to blogging as you see here, I also created 2 more blogs all related to My Internet Business:
My Internet Business Marketing Tips
My Internet Business Review

Let me know what do you think about my blogs. I'm still new about it and want to improve as much as I can.

Finally I integrated my merchant account to My Internet Business. There is no problem if you are outside the US to set up a merchant accoutn and integrate, I did it so can you. All process is not really that difficult, support is providing all instructions step by step how to set up and integrate merchant to My Internet Business system. Additionally this programs offers western union payment, money order, check and wire transfer.

Good news is that David told me that found some person willing to buy silver My Internet Business membership so it's pretty cool :) We are working on developing new design on http://www.myinternetbusinessclub.com and also new autoresponders for this site. Everything will be ready in a days. Stay tuned ;]

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